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About us

Principes and Values

Principles of sustainability

We respect and aim at application of the underlying principles of sustainability:
  1. Economic development must be equitable, environmentally sound and socially just.
  2. Align the world’s economy with nature’s regeneration capacity and incorporate critical "externalities" in all cost and benefit accounts.
  3. Ensure that the essential diversity of all forms of life in the biosphere is maintained.
  4. Maximise open processes, wide participation, responsive structures, and the equality of all individuals that ought to constitute the corner-stones of social life.


DVI work in ensuring sustainable development is based on the values:
Diversity and effectiveness of innovations, partnerships and impacts.
  • Positive change in attitudes, perceptions, management modes and policies. 
  • Commitment for long term impacts and quality results. 
  • Responsibility towards and respect of the potential partner or client interests.
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