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We Can

We would be delighted to provide you assistance and transform our knowledge and experience into action within the following fields:

Environment Protection

  • Climate change: mitigation and adaptation technologies, methods, and measures, particularly in rural areas.
  • Biodiversity: integrated planning and protected areas management, sustainable forestry.
  • Surface and ground water: vulnerability assessment, protection techniques and methods.
  • Land degradation: soil erosion prevention, assessment, quality management.

Sustainable Development

  • Development cooperation: partnership development and education. 
  • Social corporate responsibility: strategic planning and management of external relations and impacts for communities and environment.
  • Waste management: integrated solutions and training. 
  • Civil protection and disasters: planning, management and education.

Social Inclusion and Rural Development

  • Spatial planning for natural resources protection and sustainable usage.
  • Sustainable tourism: integrated planning, assessment, modalities.
  • Sustainable and alternative rural businesses: ecological agriculture, eco-tourism, crafts, local products – planning and development.
  • Local community’s development and training.

Project and Programme Development using LFM and PCM

  • Project and programme planning, justification, development and management. 
  • Logical Framework Matrix (LFM) method and its application. 
  • Project cycle management (PCM) guidance.
  • Project management tools.
  • Proposal writing and fundraising.
  • Planning community-based projects.
  • Project and programme assessments and evaluation: ex-ante, mid-term, ex-post, sustainability evaluations, EIA, SIA.
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